UN population replacement plan 2001 PDF

We are aware of the UN's Population replacement plan outlined in an official UN document dated 2001.


Our current government and previous governments all pushed this Marxist/globalist/terrorist world take over plan; this goes all the way back to the "highly illegal" amendments to our 1919 constitution; Our 1919 constitution was changed without being put to the people, technically rendering all constitutions and amendments made since void.


The Marxists that controlled the UN, then and now also got their "buddies" from the banks to build 100,000's of houses in Ireland and millions in the EU that would later house these migrants; the end game is to destroy all culture/nationalism in Ireland and the EU. The whole thing was set up from the start and the irish people paid for this in the bank bail out and are paying for it to this day. This is why our homeless can not get houses as it will be the vulture funds role to fill "our houses" with migrants at around 300euro per week  per migrant. They will also grant citizenship to between 500,000 and 1 million migrants in the very near futures so this current government can stay in power.

What is Cultural Marxism: watch this explosive documentary Europa: the final battle (part2) to find out it's roots from 1923 and it's almost complete evil agenda/end game...