Jason Joseph Hughes - Candidate for Europe - May 25th 2019


I am an Irish Nationalist Pro Life Christian that is staunchly opposed to the Cultural Marxist new world order plan from the School of Frankfurt 1923, that is in it's final stages nearly 100 years on.


I am 100% committed to holding all Referendums since the Lisbon Treaty but only when we implement this Referendum Reform plan. (see more)


I believe we should pull out of the UN as I do not regard sanctioning other country's as any of our business and as an act of war. I am aware of the UN's Population replacement plan outlined in an official UN document dated 2001. (see more)

I came across the UN replacement migration 2001 document shortly after it was released in 2001 when the UN published this document they have since pulled it down due to a backlash...


It is  worth noting that the then Irish government were fully on board this population replacement plan; all they needed was timing; they had to create a vacuum and then fill the void so to speak. You see the truth is the Mason/Marxist Jewish controlled UN, green lighted the banks to build excessive amounts of properties; the whole idea from the start was to bust the economy; force the bank bail outs; initiate the eviction bill; get their "dirty handshake buddies" to set up the vulture funds to buy up all of our properties on the cheap only to then rent them out to economic migrants at tax payers expense, which is what is happening now; I believe they are doing this "on the sly" as we speak and I have no doubt that "Globalist lapdog" President Higgins will then grant 100,000's of citizenship's before the next national elections; possibly ruling out any chance of a conservative comeback; hence completely destroying our Country.


Our current government and previous governments all pushed this Marxist/globalist/terrorist world take over plan; this goes all the way back to the "highly illegal" amendments to our 1919 constitution; Our 1919 constitution was changed without being put to the people, technically rendering all constitutions and amendments made since void. I do not rule out reverting back to our 1919 constitution as this may be our best option.


I regard ANTIFA as a Terrorist organisation funded by "Evil Marxist" George Soros linked group called the Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) . I will lobby for the introduction of an  anti-terrorism bill outlawing ANTIFA and all secret societies.


I believe water is a human right and should be enshrined in our constitution.


I am anti-abortion and eugenics.


I believe that the Gay community should denounce the LGBT+ Agenda. I am staunchly against the idea of children having sex changes and mandatory sex education of any type; it's a parents role to teach their child about sex. I am also against same sex marriage as marriage is a Christian sacrament, not available to same sex relationships; a same sex couple would have to use a registry office to make their relationship bound by law, just like other non-Christians. I also believe that same sex couples must go through a rigorous background check before being allowed to adopt a child in this state only in some cases, may this be granted.


I will lobby to  disband "scandal ridden", "child kidnapping" so called child protection service TUSLA. We believe that there should be an investigation into the relationship between Ireland's paedophile ring leaders and TUSLA.  100's of people have came forward to me with "horror" stories regarding TUSLA. The majority of these people are political activists that have had their children taking off them for being in opposition to this Globalist, treasonous Government.


I am staunchly against political policing, corruption in the judicial system/civil service, the DPP and throughout the government.  I will be pushing out my ABUSE OF POWER BILL, which will see a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years for abuse of power in the civil service. (see more)


I am against taking in migrants whilst we have a homeless/housing crisis.  I will lobby for us to pull out of the EU refugee resettlement plan and to deport all current illegal migrants back to a safe area of their country of origin. I am also aware of the globalist/Marxist plot to destroy western civilisation with an Islamic trojan horse style invasion from the Middle East and Africa. (see more)


I will Lobby for the introduction of my ISLANDER STATUS plan that will give higher priority benefits to Irish citizens North and South of the border. These will include higher on hospital waiting lists/housing lists etc... It will also make granting Irish citizenship extremely hard


I have a solution that can solve our homeless/housing crisis. (see Homeless/Housing plan)


I have an INCOME TAX PLAN tax that will largely benefit the majority of this Country. (see Income Tax plan)


I will lobby to introduce my DYNAMIC VAT PLAN. (see Dynamic VAT plan)


I have a plan to reform our communities by extending the power of our County councils with new initiatives. (see more)


I will lobby to abolish the TV licence and until then I will campaign hard for a National Boycott of the TV licence. I have a Media Reform plan. (see media reform plan)


I have a reform plan for the future of farming and also aim to include farmers north of the border with this new initiative.(see more)


I plan to introduce mandatory organic gardening and cooking meals from scratch to be added to primary schools curriculum as a main subject. This food will also be used in the canteen to cook for all students all year round and will be free of charge. I also plan to make Irish,History and constitutional studies compulsory subjects in primary and secondary schools for all students.


I will campaign on phasing out the discriminatory social welfare cut for 18 – 26 years old.


I am in favour of a united Ireland in it's right time.  It can only happen through peace and coming up with solutions. I believe all Christians North and South of the Island should unite.


I am anti-war and in favour of Nuclear disarmament.


I am against mandatory vaccinations and unfair bias of information.


I am in favour of liberalising Ireland's stance on medical cannabis. We know CBD oil cures cancer amongst other illnesses and will make it available on the medical card for all related illnesses. We will also make the CBD oil ourselves so we are sure we are giving the best quality, this will also create medical/science jobs. We should ban MONSANTO CBD oil and all related cannabis medicinal products.


I do not buy the current climate change narrative and will lobby for us to pull out of the Paris climate change accord as it is the geo-engineering/cloud seeding that is causing a change to the weather and poisoning our land, air and water. Climate change is a Globalist hoax.


I am staunchly against 5G being rolled out as a primary internet service as 5G's main objective is Globalist/corporate population control.


I am staunchly against the brutal decision to jail Joe Doocey, Ben Gillroy and many others and the countless cover ups of murder by the justice department. Joe and Ben are merely victims of disgusting levels of corruption in our legal and justice departments.  They just said what most of us already know.  Corrupt Gardaí set Joe up and he is still currently in jail. I am campaigning for his release, a full investigation into this injustice and full compensation for all wrongfully imprisoned activists.


I am staunchly in favour of freedom of speech and will lobby for a referendum on this crucial issue .


I support US president Donald Trump's America first policy and hope to see the whole world operate this way in the future.


I support BREXIT and I am in favour of leaving the EU if it remains like this; however I do not want an irexit referendum whilst this "treasonous" Government is in power.