Christians Unite Initiative


is an ÉIA campaign initiative


Éire Inniú Anois  - Ireland today now

...So here we are, 2018.  Our country is in nothing other than a state of emergency with FG and FF hell bent on running the HSE and every other service to the ground, paving the way for corporate globalist privatisation.


They signed the eviction bill which opened the door for the vulture funds to buy up our country for pittance whilst sending our homelessness spiralling out of control and yes if that isn't bad enough, we are still a member of the ever increasingly toxic EU.




If you take a look at the insane spending habits of the HSE it does not take a genius to figure out that they are not to be trusted with any of their budget.


When ÉIA form Government, our Minister of health will decide what is bought and for how much.


100's of millions of your tax money is being squandered on a regular basis... is nothing short of a sick joke.


  • ÉIA propose that the minister of health will be the head of the HSE, saving an additional
    €600,000 pa.


  • ÉIA will make big changes to the HSE from the top down regarding positions and salary.


  • ÉIA will scrutinise the spending of the HSE before working out what additional funding is required.


  • ÉIA are currently working on a report which we will publish when we have all the details worked out.


....It's important to note also that we are currently paying "crazy" high prices for medication that can easily be solved in most cases by simply “shopping around”. Details of this will be a section of the above mentioned report.


                                                                             HOMELESS CRISIS/HOUSING "MAGIC FIX"


 The fallout from the Eviction bill has made itself evident all across the country.


ÉIA propose the following...


  • ÉIA believe Irish Property bought by Foreign agents since 2008 should pay 75% tax on gains from sales (foreign vulture tax)


  •  ÉIA will introduce an (Irish vulture tax) on sales


                                                       @25% if over 2 times or 2x the value paid since 2008

                                                       @30% if over 2.5 times  or 2.5x the value paid since 2008

                                                       @35% if over  3 times or 3x the value paid since 2008

                                                       @40% if over 3.5times  or 3.5x the value paid since 2008

                                                       @50% if over 4 times or 4x the value paid since 2008


  • ÉIA believe property tax should only be paid on properties lying idle, i.e. not for sale or rent.


  • ÉIA will introduce a special Vulture property tax on any properties bought since 2008 that are lying idle @25% of property value paid per year.


ÉIA will introduce a RENTAL CAP TFA PLAN(RCTFA) that is between 1.5 times or 1.5x and 2 times or 2x the value of property the landlord/agent bought it for.  This will allow landlord/agent to add their property gains to an annual tax free allowance which can be subtracted from gross income leaving their taxable income. However choosing this option will not allow a landlord/agent to add their receipts for wear and tear to their annual TFA.


ÉIA will introduce a WEAR AND TEAR TFA PLAN(WATTFA) that is up to 1.5 times or 1.5x the value of property a landlord/agent bought it for.  This will allow landlord/agent to add gains and receipts of wear and tear to an annual tax free allowance which can be subtracted from gross to leave their taxable income.



RCTFA example: if mortgage was/is 400euro pm the RCTFA is 2x capped@800euro pm,  This will mean that up to 400europm can be added to an annual TFA on Landlord/agent salary/gross income subtracting this TFA from gross salary will leave taxable income. However landlord/agent will not enjoy the wear and tear tax free allowance and will not be able to add receipts to their annual TFA.


WATTFA example: if mortgage was/is 400euro pm the WATTFA is 1.5x capped @600euro pm. This will mean that a landlord/agent will be able to add all receipts of wear and tear to their annual tax free allowance and up to 200europm gains.


Landlord/agent will be able to choose between the 2 rental cap options on a per property basis


Any properties where the value paid for is unknown i.e. squatted/acquired without proof of purchase will have to be valued before either rental cap option can be implemented and will be emergency taxed @75% until landlord/agent does get the property valued. Landlord/agent must choose either one of the 2 rental cap options before getting their property valued  Emergency tax  can be claimed back after property is valued.


Landlord/agent that does not adopt either one of the rental cap options will be fined 150,000euro per property and the state will seize their property on a per property basis.


landlord/agent annual TFA can not exceed 25% of gross income .


  • ÉIA are 100% committed to abolishing CAT (inheritance tax) on a maximum of 1 house (family home) and up to 200K for all Irish citizens. (may not be in 1st budget)


                                                                                 MORTGAGE RULES/EVICTION BILL


ÉIA believe:

















ÉIA would like to see the credit unions and AN Post work together and expand into new areas of business.


ÉIA believe we need to stop outsourcing to private companies and stop paying millions of Euros on consultation and advice, a bit of cop on is all that's required in all areas and across the board.


FG, FF and others are out to destroy this country of ours and sell it to their globalist masters, surely that is obvious at this stage.


Regarding refugees being taken in by Ireland...ÉIA believe that we must first sort out our own homeless/housing problem, It is a disgrace that we are taking in refugees, housing them and not our own.


We do not drop the bombs or supply them, perhaps the country's that do should take all the burden or sort the problem out some other way themselves.


ÉIA propose pulling out of the EU refugee resettlement programme and returning all current refugees to a safe part of their country of origin.


ÉIA also propose we make available an estimated 5,000 Euro per man/woman/child that are on the EU resettlement list to find them accommodation and help hem set up back in their homeland.


We know that they have been struggling through unimaginable torment of the past few years and deeply sympathise with them but at the end of the day our own come first.


PLEASE NOTE: There is also the issue of the globalist elite giving multiple fake Syrian passports to Islamic state terrorists. ÉIA believe that this is a trojan horse type plan designed to cause chaos all over the EU so the likes of George Soros can have his new world order dystopia that he calls a eutopia.


Any refugees that come to Ireland illegally will be deported



                                                                                                        TAX REFORM


  • ÉIA will offer a “once off” tax reduced transaction from offshore accounts/tax havens to Irish banks. This will include corporate and personal accounts.  7.5% tax for corporation.  15% tax for personal account.


                                                                                              INCOME TAX REFORM


ÉIA has a tax plan that will more than ease the burden on Income tax that is fair and straight to the point.  We believe that by freeing up income tax and increasing tax in areas that might be deemed “luxury” is the way to do this. The current income tax plan bestows too much weight on the average taxpayer and even discriminates against the single person that may be building his/her nest before lying in it.  It is also aimed at a percentage of Irish workers that are either saving for something or trying to keep debts at bay.























  • the tax bands are for single/Married/widowed, with or without children.
  • no tax credits
  • no income tax under 25Kpa
  • PRSI/USC charges apply
  • Irish Bank account compulsory in order to work in Ireland, monies moved from Irish account to a second account outside Ireland will be “emergency taxed” instantly@50%.
  • moneys moved or exchanged into Crypto currencies or any other form outside Irish banks will also be emergency taxed @50%.


 ...losses in income tax will be balanced by the following...


ÉIA propose a dynamic Value added tax (VAT) rate system


  • TOXIC VAT(TVAT)         rate @100%  - GM ingredients/biological cleaning agents etc
  • EVENT VAT(EVAT)        rate@50%      - all entertainment and sporting events
  • SPIRIT VAT (SVAT)        rate@50%      - all off sales alcohol 18%VOL and over.
  • SPECIAL VAT(SPVAT)   rate@37.5%   - newspapers,books,digital media etc.
  • QUALITY VAT(QVAT)   rate @17.5%  - natural and organic products.
  • STANDARD VAT(VAT)   rate@23%     - all other unless specified


  • EVAT(event vat) – this will apply to all venues/nightclubs/theatres/stadiums/sports halls etc.. This will include all events i.e. music/sport/comedy/theatre etc.


  • 50% EVAT(event vat) on all tickets sold.
  • ticket money to be paid to revenue within 10 working days after the event.
  • penalties will be severe
  • no exemptions
  • Ticket reselling known as “touting” will carry a minimum 3years in prison.
  • ÉIA will introduce a sports assist programme for Athletes on social welfare up to the 25kpa tax bracket so long as they can prove they are training/member of a sports club/team etc...
  • ÉIA will introduce an Artist assist programme for Artists/musicians on social welfare up to the 25kpa tax bracket so long as they can prove they are working on a project.
  • Artists and Musicians will pay taxes at the normal tax rates over 25kpa. They are currently    tax free up to 100kpa.
  • Athletes will pay tax at the normal tax rates over 25Kpa.
  • Artist assist and sports assist will be available for 18-26year bracket and above.


  • SVAT(spirit vat)– All off sales alcohol over 18%VOL taxed @50%. (pubs and restaurants exempt for single and double measures but not exempt for off sales).


  • TVAT(toxic vat)@100% on any alcohol or food products that contains GM ingredients/harmful ingredients. Biological cleaning agents/bleach e.t.c


  • SPVAT(special vat)@37.5%– ÉIA will introduce a special VAT (newspapers/books/magazines/CD's/DVD's/digital media etc.)@37.5%, some exemptions for educational/Irish language/culture can be applied for.


  • QVAT(quality vat)@17.5% -  products that have natural ingredients/organic and may introduce a lower VAT rate again for all Irish quality products. Protecting our market is our highest priority.


  • NGO Tax – ÉIA are aware of the great work done by many NGOs, however there is a Globalist agenda that we are staunchly against so until we come up with a better action plan...


  •  Foreign NGOs with Irish branch will pay 40% tax on gross annual sales/funds.
  •  Irish Bank Account is compulsory for all Irish NGOs and foreign NGOs with Irish branch
  •  Foreign NGO'S without an Irish branch will pay 75% tax on all Irish transactions.
  •  no exemptions


  • Gambling/Betting Tax – Ireland has one of the lowest rates of gambling tax in the world.  Gambling is more of a “luxury” item so while on one hand we free up income tax on the other we must come down harder. Most people will have more money to gamble if they choose to, however they will make less gains after this compulsory tax. Tax will be applied to all offline/online bets and betting operators.


                                                   10% tax on gains up to 250euro per bet

                                                   20% tax on gains over  250euro per bet

                                                   25% tax on gains over  500euro per bet

                                                   35% tax on gains over  1,000euro per bet


                                                Betting operator tax @20% of Annual Gross



  • Fine Art Tax  - The sale of fine art is still one of the main avenues for money laundering. Any painting/art piece that sells for over







  • ÉIA will abolish hospitality tax.


PLEASE NOTE: these above taxes may seem harsh to some but the idea is whether your single/married/widowed with or without children your choices are to save/pay debt or splash out. You will be able to save up or pay debts a lot easier with the much lighter burden income tax and if your splashing out you also have more money to do so. This also suits members of the workforce that do not drink, do not go to concerts, do not gamble, that maybe just want to save and retire early for example. The dynamic VAT rate also separates high quality from low quality, Irish from foreign produce and rewards them accordingly.



                                                                                     CORPORATION TAX REFORM



  • All SME'S and MNC'S must have Irish bank account.
  • Corporations and anyone with offshore accounts will be offered once off tax reduced transaction to Irish banks. Corporations @7.5%.  Personal accounts @15%. Standard rate of tax hereafter.
  • All staff must have Irish bank account.
  • funds moved from Irish bank account to a bank account outside Ireland “emergency” taxed instantly@50%.


 corporation tax                      @12.5% if 80%  of staff are Irish

                                                       @15%    if 75%   of staff are Irish

                                                       @30%    if 60%  of staff are Irish

                                                       @50%    if 50%  of staff are Irish


special corporation tax


                                 @10%  if over 85%      of staff are Irish and is in built up area (zone1)

                                 @8%     if over 85%     of staff are Irish and is in less built up area (zone2)

                                 @6.5% if over 92.5% of staff are Irish and is in (zone1)

                                 @5%     if over 92.5%  of staff are Irish and is in (zone2)

                                 @4%     if over 97.5%  of staff are Irish and is in (zone1)

                                 @2%     if over 97.5%  of staff are Irish and is in (zone2)


  • ÉIA believe low corporation tax must bring high amount of Irish jobs, this is the general idea of our corporation tax plan. It leaves a clear target for all corporations to aim towards and rewards corporate investment in rural areas(zone2).


  • ÉIA “may” introduce an Apprenticeship Merit System for all SMEs and MNCs: If corporations hire an apprentice that is currently unemployed they will count as 1.5 people on the staff bracket system. They must receive minimum wage for two years until fully trained. After 2 years they are to receive a full contract. On the commencement of the 3d year they will count for 1.25 people and on the 4th year count as 1 person on the merit system.


PLEASE NOTE: many of the MNC'S that are currently in Ireland pay much less than 1%, not 12.5%.

ÉIA believe we can break tax loopholes by taxing corporations heavily if funds are moved from Irish banks.  Tax loopholes are being shut down around the world.  Shareholders of corporations will be very interested in our lowest rate corporation tax and will know it is extremely worthwhile hiring the higher amount of Irish staff and will more than move towards this goal.


  • SMEs will be able to expand or find it easier to stay afloat.
  • MNCs will be able to enjoy extremely low corporation taxes and WILL hire Irish workers.
  • Revenue will collect a higher amount of tax from MNCs that currently pay less than 1%.
  • Irish workers will enjoy a much higher standard of living with our tax reform balanced with heavy taxes in some other areas.
  • Unemployment figures will fall and we mean the real figures not the current fabricated figures.
  • Irish citizens or dual citizens only qualify as Irish staff.
  • ÉIA are staunchly against AI/robotic technology that threatens Irish jobs. Corporations must agree with us on this stance.  Under no circumstance must Irish jobs be lost to robotic technology. This needs to be enshrined in our constitution.  ÉIA will hold a referendum on this when we form government. .


ÉIA is currently working on a report on the spending habits of the HSE and county councils, we will scrutinise spending in these areas and release a report on how better to spend our budget. We still do not have all the details so some of the above figures maybe subject to change, however this is the general idea of what to expect in our alternative budget.  ÉIA will present an alternative budget in the near future.





Putting the issue of corporation tax aside, ÉIA are committed on holding an Éirexit referendum on leaving the EU if we can not come up with an agreement regarding our own laws, our own budget and our 100% neutrality.


We must leave the United Nations.


Have any of you ever thought about why do we sanction other country's and then claim neutrality.


Sanctions are an act of war so why do we do it?


We do not know the full story, We do not know who is right, we do not know who is wrong and it is clearly none of our business.


After the war in Iraq, when the world found out that there was no weapons of mass destruction and no legal or justifiable reason war the Iraqi invasion, Ireland voted to sanction Iraq, a move that lead to the deaths of 500,000 children and 1,500,000 adults.


Ireland has blood on it's hands because of our vote to sanction Iraq.


ÉIA believe that Ireland should pay reparations for our decision to sanction Iraq. We must leave the UN immediately.  Sanctioning other countries is none of our business.


The best thing we can do is pull our Army out of peace keeping missions and have them stationed as a domestic army only, dealing with terrorism, child sex slavery, disaster relief etc...


We will also raise they pay for our defence force. We can't have our defence force men and women struggling to get by, week to week, whilst risking their lives to protect us.


Whilst ÉIA agree that our navy is doing an important role of rescuing drowning refugees, a part of our navy must keep super trawlers out of our seas. If a super trawler comes back into our water we escort it back to the mainland and confiscate it indefinitely, whilst sending all crews back safely to their country of origin.



                                                                                 CLIMATE CHANGE/ENVIRONMENT



ÉIA does not buy the current climate change narrative. We laugh at the EU when they say Ireland is the worst performing EU country for combating climate change, it just shows that the EU live in opposite land.


They spent 30 years spewing out global warming and it turned out to be a hoax, they then changed the name to climate change and pushed it at us again.


“They just want more regulations, stricter NCT tests, farmers having to buy big expensive new tractors that most can't even fit up their lane, no solid fuel just oil and gas, the fuel of war, not to mention that they bill us and we have to hand them 100's of millions on a regular basis”...


ÉIA will pull out of the Paris climate change accord.


Scientific Evidence of soil samples has been sent to us that are deeply disturbing.  We will challenge the EPA with our up coming campaign, to explain why they have not raised the alarm bells.


ÉIA propose a full investigation into the above and plan on fighting against this tooth and nail.


We may also have to clear out house in the EPA.  The EPA are supposed to be protecting our environment instead it appears that they may not be.  A full criminal investigation may have to be launched and if so employees from the EPA must come clean before this investigation if there is to be any chance of them holding their position or avoiding prosecution.


ÉIA is not ignorant to pollution and believe that growing hemp on a big scale and turning it into solid fuel would be one way to achieve this.  This would also be the start of a new national industry, one that all land owners could benefit from.  The smoke from hemp fuel is much cleaner than the current solid fuels which we use.



                                                                                                  FUTURE OF FARMING


ÉIA believe that our farmers are selling themselves short. We believe that instead of trying to compete in the current market, Irish Farmers should aim for the premium market.


ÉIA plan on setting up a new high quality standard, which would be a strict stamp of approval for farmers that wish to compete in the premium end of the market...


ÉIA would also like to extend this initiative to Northern Ireland.  All farmers on our Island could aim for the one high quality goal.  ÉIA wish to run candidates in Northern Ireland in the near future.


  • Strict stamp of approval would require the following...


  1 -  NO antibiotics allowed to be given to animals that wish to qualify at any stage.

  2 -  NO GM feed.

  3 -  video cameras must be installed on farm to ensure animals are treated properly.

  4 - must pass continuous and random tests to ensure quality control.


ÉIA believe that any farmer that receives this strict stamp of approval, can expect to sell produce for 3 - 5 times current market price pushed globally as the best of the best aiming directly at the premium end of the market.


ÉIA also propose a grant or tax incentive for installation of video camera system.


ÉIA also propose a low VAT or VAT free status for products that qualify, if possible North and South of the border.


ÉIA believe that we brand these products as the best of the best in the world and we will find food distribution companies that can get our products to the most upper market restaurants worldwide.


ÉIA plan to give VAT free travel and vat free accommodation as a sweetener to any country that imports a large amount of our premium farm produce.


ÉIA propose that Farmers should grow hemp on a percentage of their land, the hemp can firstly be turned into solid fuel and later expanded into all areas of the hemp industry.



                                                                      COUNTY COUNCIL/COMMUNITY REFORM


ÉIA believe:

                  1 - the council should do all the work on our water infrastructure.

                  2 - the council should stop adding Fluoride to our water sources.

                  3 - the councils spending habits to be scrutinised.

                  4 - the councils should build community Hut/kiosk concept.


  • ÉIA propose that all county councils build a Hut/kiosk in every town around Ireland, more of them in cities.


  • Hot beverages, snacks, souvenirs etc. would be sold here.  The hut/kiosk would have 2 minimum wage workers stationed at all times.


  • They would be painted in county colours or local colours or both.


  • The outside walls would have space for inexpensive local advertising.


  • On average around 5 people would be employed by each hut/kiosk over the period of 1 week, students could work weekends.


  • These Huts/kiosks are not necessarily for profit more to just pay employees and supply a community service. Anybody that buys from these huts/kiosks would be doing the country a huge service, increasing national prestige and reducing unemployment.


  • First aid and defibrillators would be available at every hut/kiosk.


  • All staff would be trained in first aid and defibrillator use.



                    5 - that councils will work together to start up our new open access TV plan ...



  • The country broken into the obvious 4 regions.


  • County councils in those regions would share responsibility of labour/cost.


  • There  would be a TV station in each region.


  • Each station would broadcast 2 channels.  1 censored and one uncensored. No pornography.


  • Local advertising/merchandising would pay for each station


  • These stations would start in a semi-professional manner and get better over time, they would cater for amateur musicians/cartoonists/artists/comedians/sports events etc...


  • These open access TV stations would be tax free, not for profit but for community spirit, creating chances for people to put on their own low budget shows, whatever the flavour.



                                                KEEPING LGBTQ+ BRAINWASHING PROGRAMS OUT OF SCHOOLS



ÉIA believe that the Gay community should denounce the LGBT+ movement or risk being tarred with the one brush so to speak.


ÉIA staunchly believe that you must be at least 18 years old  before you can make a decision to start sex change treatment and you must also be sterilised, like in many other countries. Transgender people should receive help and support for their obvious mental illness, which is clinically knows as gender dysphoria.


ÉIA also believe that anyone that is pushing this at children should serve a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years. We should also ban all publications/music videos/entertainment/concerts containing this kind of content that is aimed at U18's.


These programmes are already in the UK as we speak with more than 100 primary schools pushing these programmes at 4-11 year olds and they will be mandatory next year 2019 in the UK, which ÉIA is staunchly against.


Canada has even passed a law that can jail parents that stop their children taking part in these early sexualisation programmes.


These programmes are also being rammed through the Dáil as we speak.




The 8th Amendment Referendum was completely "fixed" from start to finish, inside and out. We have a referendum reform plan that must 1st be implemented and then this referendum must be revisited.


                                                                                                GENDER PAY GAP


ÉIA are fully behind ending the pay gap between male and female employees so long as they have the same job position and have been working the same amount of time in that position, we believe it is outrageous for a man and women to work the same job and get different pay.



                                                                                           FREEDOM OF SPEECH


Before this country can begin sorting out any of the mass of problems left to us by our predecessors we need to enshrine freedom of speech into our constitution.


….........................only then can we fully debate any issue facing us today or in the future.



                                                                                      MEDICAL CANNABIS BILL


ÉIA believe there should be a more liberal medical cannabis bill.


ÉIA are aware that CBD oil does indeed cure cancer, this has been proved worldwide at this stage.


ÉIA are aware that bloated academics and tycoons from the pharmaceutical industry do not approve of this treatment. They stand to lose billions as they only make money when we are sick.


ÉIA believe that medical cannabis should be available on the medical card for serious illness.


ÉIA believe that medical cannabis should be made available for Artist/creative block and stress however this would not be available on the medical card.  It would be taxed @37.5% VAT rate.



                                                      VACCINATIONS/UNBIASED FREEDOM OF INFORMATION



ÉIA are strongly against mandatory vaccinations.


ÉIA insist all ingredients of vaccinations must be fully disclosed.  All scientific names are to be clearly broke down and explained.


ÉIA insist all side effects must be clearly explained.


ÉIA insist that there are two vaccination info packs distributed by the HSE covering both arguments in detail, both information packs must contain detailed ingredients and side effects.


ÉIA insist HSE staff refrain from giving opinions on either side of the argument.



                                                                                        TECHNOLOGY STANCE


Over the next few years we have a big decision to make regarding what will be our stance on Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technology entering the workforce and service industry. It is guaranteed to lead to mass job losses all around the world.


ÉIA believe that Ireland would be better off  limiting the next wave of technology to the medical sector and areas that could benefit our well being but keeping it out of the workforce and service industry all together.


Think about it, most of the world will be competing with this technology. When people are choosing what country they might go on holidays to, they will more likely choose one with less drones/robots etc. and since Ireland is already an attractive tourist resort, We would be top spot.


They will not want to visit a super high tech country that's the same as the one they are working and living in, most will want to relax and taste a bit of laid back Ireland...


...a lasting impression that we know the majority of this Island is staunchly behind. ..



                                                                               A romantic vision of Ireland.






1 - Rental records should be allowed to be shown as proof that one can afford a mortgage.


2 - If mortgage holders get into difficulty, the agreed length of loan should be extended to reduce the monthly payments.


3 - Children/family members of mortgage holder should be allowed to continue paying the mortgage, if they get into difficulty.


4 - The passing of the Eviction Bill just lead to Vulture funds buying our property assets  on the cheap, many mortgage holders lost their property, when some other arrangement should have been made. The eviction bill at least needs to be  amended.


5 - Credit unions should be able to compete without regulation from the Central bank and/or a new National bank must be set up without any influence from the central  bank.


25Kpa +    @15%


 35Kpa +   @20%


 50Kpa+    @25%


 75Kpa+     @30%


 100Kpa+  @35%


 125Kpa+   @40%


 150kpa+   @42.5%


 200Kpa+  @45%


 350kpa+   @47.5%


 500kpa+   @50%

50k       @35%  tax

250k     @40% tax

500k     @45% tax

800K+  @50% tax