Irish Neutrality/anti-EU/anti-UN/mass-immigration/trojan horse Campaign


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                                               Neutrality/mass-immigration/anti-EU/anti-UN/Trojan Horse Campaign


TO An Taoiseach and the Minister of Defence Leo Varadakar ,the Minister of Foreign Affairs, trade with the responsibility of BREXIT Simon Coveney and the Minister of Housing, Planning and and local government Eoghan Murphy.


WE the People of Ireland are committed on holding an Éirexit referendum on leaving the EU if we can not have full control over our own budget(corporation Tax), immigration quotas, laws, our full neutrality and at the end of the day, lets face it, there is never going to be any chance of the EU allowing us this control so there is no future within the EU.


We also demand that you take seriously our position regarding refugees being taking in by Ireland, We need you to immediately pull out of the EU resettlement program without delay.


1 - We believe that we must first sort out our own homelessness problem, It is a disgrace that we are taking in refugees, housing them and not our own.

2 - We do not drop the bombs or supply them, perhaps the country's that do should take all the burden or sort the problem out some other way themselves.

3 - We demand that Ireland immediately pulls out of the EU refugee resettlement program and return all current refugees to a safe part of their country of origin. *Any other refugees that come to Ireland illegally should be deported without delay.


We propose that we make available in or around 5,000 euro per man/woman/child that are on the EU resettlement list to find them accommodation and help hem set up back in their homeland. Some of these Refugees are legitimate, many are not.

We know that the legitimate refugees have been struggling through unimaginable torment of the past few years and deeply sympathise with them but at the end of the day our own come first.


4 - There is also the issue of the globalist elite giving multiple fake Syrian passports to Islamic state terrorists, therefore we can not even be 100% sure that any of these refugees are legitimate, nor tell which ones are from which ones are not. We know that this is a trojan horse type plan designed to cause chaos all over the EU so the likes of George Soros can have his new world order dystopia that he calls a utopia.


We the people of Ireland demand that we pull out of our PESCO deal with Europe regarding a European Army.

We demand that we leave the United Nations also. Have any of you ever thought about why do we sanction other country's and then claim neutrality. Sanctions are an act of war so why do we do it? We do not know the full story, We do not know who is right and we do not know who is wrong and it is clearly none of our business. After the war in Iraq, when the world found out that there was no weapons of mass destruction and no legal or justifiable reason war the Iraqi invasion. Ireland voted to sanction Iraq, a move that lead to the deaths of 500,000 children and 1,500,000 adults. Ireland has blood on her hands because of our vote to sanction Iraq. We believe that Ireland should pay reparations for our decision to sanction Iraq. We must leave the UN immediately. Sanctioning other countries is none of our business.

We the people of Ireland demand that you pull our Army out of peace keeping missions and have them stationed as a domestic army only, dealing with terrorism, child sex slavery, disaster relief etc...

We also demand that we double the pay for our defence force. over the next 3 years. We can't have our defence force men and women struggling to get by, week to week, whilst risking their lives to protect us. We agree that whilst our navy is doing an important role of rescuing drowning refugees, a part of our navy must keep super trawlers out of our seas. If a super trawler comes back into our water we escort it back to the mainland and confiscate it indefinitely, whilst sending all crews back safely to their country of origin.


THE PEOPLE OF IRELAND DEMAND THAT ALL THESE ABOVE MEASURES ARE IMPLEMENTED IMMEDIATELY!!! IF you do not do this now, Éire inniú anois and perhaps the National party, Renua and others will do it and if we the people of Ireland find out that you have colluded with foreign agents/sold out our neutrality/made dodgy deals that you have no right to make, the lot of you will at least spend the rest of your lives in prison if our voice is not heard, you should hang for treason.