Justice for Joe Doocey Campaign


Anti Corruption Taskforce



                                   To the Minister of Justice and Equality Charles Flanagan and the Garda ombudsman.


We the people of Ireland demand the immediate release of Joe Doocey with full compensation for the major injustice that he has and is receiving...Corruption must end. Justice must be served!!!


Joe Doocey has been harassed and set up by the Gardaí to the same scale as the Maurice Mc Cabe scandal. On the 14/01/2015 Joe posted up a video on you tube revealing the corruption he had received from the Gardaí. His home was raided on 17/01/2015 by up to 20 armed Gardaí. At first they accused Joe of threatening the Garda Commissioners life by Email, On the 2nd Application they stated Joe had links to terrorism, On the 3rd Application they stated Joe had links to International terrorism, On the fourth application they claimed they had discovered illegal porn, all untrue, no charges made in the end. As you can see the Gardaí where making false allegations made up out of thin air, this goes on all around this country of ours but is especially bad in Mayo. Recently lunatic Mayo Judge Séamus F. Hughes actually instructed Gardaí to strip a man in a court full of people. (see evidence)


The Gardaí surrounded Joe's house the night before the alleged hit and run incident in Ballina, Co. Mayo on the 8/06/2015 on the morning of this alleged incident Joe found Garda baton 10089 outside his bedroom window. Det. GDA. Padraic Cleary of the N.B.C.I (National Bureau of Criminal Investigation) admitted it was his while on the stand in a police property application made by Joe. What was he going to do with that baton?

It's important to note here that the people of Ireland will not tolerate renegade Gardaí setting people up, it gives the honest members of the Gardaí a bad name, whom are the majority.


The next morning Joe Doocey was ambushed and rammed by a civilian van, instructed by the Gardaí in Ballina County Mayo. Terrified in case they were going to assault him or worse, Joe did a three point turn and escaped. We have video evidence of this alleged hit and run and this whole case in detail and can be streamed from the Éire Inniú Anois political party website at this link: http://www.eireinniuanois.irish/evidencejoedoocey.html and also from the Anti Corruption Taskforce (A.C.T) official website. at this link: http://www.anticorruptiontaskforce.irish/evidencejoedoocey.html


As we seen in the Jobstown 13 trial, many of the Gardaí are LIARS and they will fit anyone of us up as they stitched Joe Doocey up.

In the video of the alleged hit and run incident you can even see the Garda limping afterwards and he was not even touched or harmed in anyway.


Joe Doocey had to go into hiding in fear of his life, he then returned and along with the People of Ireland organised by the Anti-Corruption  Taskforce (A.C.T) decided to fight the corrupt Judges, Gardaí and Politicians.   Joe Doocey is an Irish hero not a criminal.


Joe's bail was revoked on 24 July 2017 and he was Sentenced on Dec 20 2017. His Release date is 24 March 2020. Joe's legal team would not follow Joe's instructions to properly tackle this case as they where afraid of "rocking the boat" in the Legal scene. It's your job to sort this out, the longer Joe Doocey spends in Jail the greater the amount of millions in compensation we the tax payer will have to pay him for your department's wrong doings...

LET HIM OUT!!!  and set up a full criminal investigation into all of the above. NOW!!!


Please sign this petition in the boxes below and return to P.O. Box 343, An Post, Finiskillen Business park, Sligo or sign our online petition at or official Party website: http://www.eireinniuanois.irish/petitionjoe-doocey.html DO NOT SIGN TWICE AS NEITHER SIGNATURES WILL BE COUNTED!!!