Éire Inniú Anois  - Ireland today now



Until we build up members and potential candidates, ÉIA will be concentrating on online/nationwide petitions and our Mass Mail the government Campaigns, to put pressure on this farce of a government.


The more donations we receive, the quicker and better we can do this.


After you donate, feel free to send us an email telling us what campaign or campaigns, you want your donation going towards.




  1 - Cancel the 8th Amendment Referendum pending full criminal investigation Campaign.

  2 - Justice for Joe Doocey/abuse of power/justice reform Campaign.

  3 - Keep LGBTQ+ brainwashing programs out of primary schools Campaign.

  4 - Irish Neutrality/anti-EU/anti-UN/mass-immigration-trojan horse campaign.

  5 - The "Magic Fix"...housing crisis Campaign.

  6 - Vaccinations/unbiased freedom of information Campaign.

  7 - The Future of Irish Farming Campaign.


*CAMPAIGNS THAT ARE PLANNED FOR 2018 (depending on funding)...


  8 - Artificial Intelligence (Ai)/Robotic Technology Campaign.

  9 - Enshrine Freedom of Speech Campaign.

10 - Irish water/public ownership of all utilities Campaign.

11 - Challenging the EPA regarding recent soil and water samples Campaign.

12 - HSE/Health Reform Campaign.

13 - Open Access/Regional Community TV/Abolish the TV licence Campaign.

14 - Depression/Suicide/Social decline Campaign.

15 - Disband TUSLA/Parents have only say regarding children Campaign.

16 - anti-Eugenics Campaign

17 - Liberalise Medical Cannabis Campaign.

18 - Income/corporation tax/dynamic Vat Plan/Alternative Budget Group.

19 - Freedom of Information requests database Group.








Party Treasury: Emma Lyon