I believe:


                  1 - the council should do all the work on our water infrastructure.

                  2 - the council should stop adding Fluoride to our water sources.

                  3 - the councils spending habits to be scrutinised.

                  4 - the councils should build community Hut/kiosk concept.


                                                                                                HUT/KIOSK CONCEPT


I propose that all county councils build a Hut/kiosk in every town around Ireland, more of them in cities.


Hot beverages, snacks, souvenirs etc. would be sold here. The hut/kiosk would have 2 minimum wage workers stationed at all times. 7Days per week/7am – 9pm.


They would be painted in county colours or local colours or both.


The outside walls would have space for inexpensive local advertising.


On average around 5-10 people would be employed by each hut/kiosk over the period of 1 week, students could work weekends.


These Huts/kiosks are not necessarily for profit more to just pay employees and supply a community service. Anybody that buys from these huts/kiosks would be doing the country a huge service, increasing national prestige and reducing unemployment.


First aid and defibrillators would be available at every hut/kiosk.


All staff would be trained in first aid and defibrillator use.



                    5 - that councils will work together to start up our new regional open access TV plan ...



The country broken into the obvious 4 regions.


County councils in those regions would share responsibility of labour/cost.


There would be a TV station in each region.


Each station would broadcast 2 channels. 1 censored and one uncensored. No pornography.


Local advertising/merchandising would partly pay for each station.


These stations would start in a semi-professional manner and get better over time, they would cater for amateur musicians/cartoonists/artists/comedians/sports events etc...


These open access TV stations would be tax free, not for profit but for community spirit, creating chances for people to put on their own low budget shows, whatever the flavour.


*I plan to  introduce an APPRENTICESHIP MERIT SYSTEM for all SME's and MNC's (see corporation tax reform section).


This system will create guaranteed Irish jobs and offer for example a leaving cert student a career with full training and minimum wage to start with.


*I believe that there is not enough emphasis on apprenticeships/hands on training and we are over reliant on a bloated third level system. We should take between 20% - 35% of total third level funding and put it into county council/community reform/apprenticeship merit system. If we do we will withdraw funding for courses on a priority basis.



                                                                                      MEDIA  REFORM


 *Irish media has offered a huge disservice to the Irish people, with decades of lies and contempt.


 *I will lobby to abolish the TV licence fee.


 *We should continue funding the current Irish speaking stations and community radio stations through our Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht department and will be part of that budget.


 *We should list all other TV/radio stations as independent.  They will be responsible for there own advertising/merchandising/sponsorship/subscriptions etc... and will be subject to a 25% tax on gross annual sales/funds.


PLEASE NOTE: I will never communicate with hostile media before or after elections.  I have been Boycotting the National TV license for nearly 20 years. This is my pledge and I will not break it. I will also campaign hard for a National media Boycott.